The largest professional oil painting by a single artist is 48.78 m² (525 ft² 06 in²), and was achieved by Sandeep Sinha (India) in Pune, India

An artist from Pune, India has used his painting skills to create a record-breaking piece of art dedicated to victims of acid attacks.

Sandeep Sinha produced the largest professional oil painting by a single artist with his artwork measuring 48.78 m² (525 ft² 06 in²).

Largest oil painting panorama

It took him two months to complete the painting, working from 9 August 2018 through to 10 October. 

His piece depicts a pastoral scene in the Himalayas, and is dedicated to women who have been victims of acid attacks. 

Largest oil painting Sandeep

Sandeep said he wanted to "pass this message to the entire world, there is no force more powerful than a woman".

"As an artist, I always want to do something which will inspire the entire world and to give a message to the entire human race," he explained.

Largest oil painting attempt

Sandeep included many religious symbols in his work to promote peace and compassion.

He often worked on his painting well into the night, completing sections in blocks of six ft (182.88 cm) at a time. 

Largest oil painting laid out

Included in his painting are prayer flags, a long line of coloured cloth that symbolise peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. They are hung up at the peaks of mountains so that the wind may carry the good and compassion across the land.

After completion, Sandeep exhibited his oil painting at the Raja Ravi Verma art gallery in Pune.

Largest oil painting artist