More than 100 dogs gathered on the set of ITV’s Lorraine this morning to attempt the record for most dogs sitting simultaneously

From poodles and pugs to dalmatians and dachshunds, all manner of furry friends were part of the record attempt which was broadcast on Friday (21 June).


Even presenter Lorraine Kelly’s dog, a border terrier called Angus, took part in the event. Unfortunately he wasn't the best example for the other dogs to follow, refusing to sit on command! Ex Hollyoaks star and dog lover Ali Bastian also joined in the fun with her Cavapoo, Molly. 


Adjudicator Sheila was on hand to count all of the dogs as they entered the attempt arena and make sure they all complied with the record guidelines – this included removing Angus’ dashing tartan bandana. 

In order to receive the record, the dog owners had 10 seconds to get their dog into the sitting positions and after that they had to remain sitting for a full 30 seconds. 


Unfortunately, the record attempt was unsuccessful with 13 disqualifications – but all participants had a great morning in the sunshine, and the dogs even enjoyed some canine ice cream to help them cool down. 


"While unfortunately, due to the disqualifications, this was not a successful attempt, I think everyone left the ITV studios feeling like they were winners just by participating in this experience. There were dogs of all sorts of breeds participating and they were all very well behaved and seemed glad to be meeting other four-legged friends. They all got rewarded with plenty of treats and it was a very pleasant way to spend the morning for everyone."


Maybe next time they’ll achieve a record and set tails wagging. 

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