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YouTuber and record-holder Charles Trippy (USA) - known as CTFxC to his 1,441,229 million subscribers - has earned a second Guinness World Records title for his daily video blog series "Charles and Allie".

The 34-year-old has the longest running video blog series on YouTube by number of episodes, with 3,653 videos as of 1 May. This achievement goes alongside his record for most consecutive daily personal video blogs posted on YouTube which he initially secured in 2013 then celebrated again when it was updated in 2017.

Back in 2009, Charles thought it would be fun to document his life for one full year and soon that endeavor developed into a decade-long career with a dedicated fan base from all over the world.

"When I started filming daily I never expected I would have the opportunity to share my life and meet millions of people all over the world! It’s been the most insane experience I never could have imagined."

Now, 10 years later and with the birth of his first baby on the horizon, he's decided to stop posting daily videos to spend more time with his growing family.

With a decade of episodes under his belt, Charles thinks it will be a very difficult record to beat. His advice to anyone thinking of trying: don’t. 

"If someone is as insane as I am then go for it, but thinking about the things that I had to film through without missing a day - it would probably be very difficult!"

Charles was first inspired to reach out to Guinness World Records because growing up his parents had an impressive copy of the book from the 1970s and he always thought it would be cool to have his name in one someday. Now as a two-time record-holder, he's made that dream come true.

Filming and posting daily videos for a decade has certainly been a crazy experience, but it's one that Charles says he wouldn't trade for the world. As a bassist with the band We The Kings, Charles' daily videos have allowed him to capture memorable behind the scenes experiences from the tour and tour bus that he would have missed otherwise.

But more than that, the "Charles and Allie" series has allowed him to connect with his fans and subscribers for over a decade. 

As Charles said: "Our viewers are some of the most dedicated, beautiful people on the planet. Many of them have literally been watching for all 10 years. So that means if they watched at 14 … they’d now be 24… to me, that’s insane to think about. Basically, I love them and owe everything to them!"

Whilst Charles is "retiring" from posting daily vlogs every day, the great news for his fans is he’s not stopping totally, so fans will still be able to watch along with him in this exciting new stage of his life.

Check out his "last" consecutive daily vlog and record announcement below: