Would you pay hundreds of pounds or dollars for a dim sum dumpling?

German company Yumbau, owned and operated by Hongmei Zhang (China) and Kevin Brück (Germany) has seriously pricey dim sum dumplings as part of their offering.


In fact, their exclusive Blue Diamond Dim Sum will set you back a huge £399 (that's €460.32 or $517.03).

The lavish blue dumplings have officially earnt Hongmei and Kevin the title of most expensive jiaozi/gyoza/dim sum dumpling commercially available.

But what makes them so expensive?


The filling consists of rare and or pricey ingredients, including caterpillar fungi, saffron, truffle, blueberry powder and boletus edulis (a type of mushroom).

The dim sum also contains black-boned chicken. The Silke (or Silky) chicken uniquely has black bones and flesh with soft white or black plumage. Originating from China, this chicken is a delicacy used in Asian cuisine.


Once all the ingredients are prepped and cooked, they are mixed into one bowl to form the dumpling filling.

The dough is rolled to just 1 mm (0.4 in) thick and cut into circles. 


But what about its blue colour? The colourful casing is created by adding natural Spirulina to the dumpling dough. 

These dumplings are made to order in the traditional Chinese fashion, using fresh ingredients.


"We are on a mission to create the best Dim Sum in the world. So part of our path is to create the most expensive one, too," Hongmei Zhang and Kevin Brück

Hongmei and Kevin want YumBau to "reinforce that Chinese food can be produced as high quality, healthy, aesthetic and tasty food".

The dumpling can be ordered upon request at the YumBau website, along with various other dim sum and dim sum sauces. 


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