Say cheese! 1,000 people gather in Australia for world's largest cheese tasting event

By Connie Suggitt

Cheese lovers unite!

A new record for the largest cheese tasting event has been achieved by Kathy Harrington and the Kangaroo Valley Agricultural & Horticultural Association (both Australia) with 1,000 attendees who are crackers about cheese.


The record was set in Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales, Australia at the annual Kangaroo Valley Show

Kathy applied for the record in an attempt to "promote the cheese and dairy industry in the area".


Sponsorship was obtained from the local dairy industry, who provided the three cheeses required for the tasting.

The three cheeses tasted on the day were;

The cheeses were cut into small pieces and placed into environmentally friendly cardboard boxes which were then distributed to each of the participants.


20 stewards were on hand, each responsible for 50 participants to ensure everyone tasted each sample.

Print, radio, and TV outlets where present at the attempt, with the record attempt covered by a number of regional publications.


The dairy industry is an integral part of the Kangaroo Valley's economy, and the Kangaroo Valley Show celebrates everything related to agriculture and horticulture, including cattle, flower and vegetable competitions, and family events such as arts and crafts and hay stacking.


After the attempt, Kathy said: "I am very happy to know that I am now an amazing Guinness World Records title holder."

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