If you're like me and enjoy watching a good boxing match-up then I'm sure you either 1) stayed up and checked the web/watched on TV the Hatton Pacquiao fight or 2) woke up this morning to find that HITMAN HATTON...well was more like RAGDOLL HATTON unfortunately after PACMAN knocked him out cold with an enormous left hook in Las Vegas last night.

East takes West

It got me wondering, in the history of boxing what have been the quickest knockouts and who is responsible for them? After looking through the Guinness World Records database here's a couple of nuggets I found:

FASTEST KNOCKOUT The fastest knockout on record appears to be one in a Golden Gloves tournament at Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on 4 Nov 1947, when Mike Collins floored Pat Brownson with the first punch and the contest was stopped, without a count, 4 seconds after the bell.

SHORTEST WORLD TITLE FIGHT The shortest world title fight was 20 seconds, when Gerald McClellan (USA) beat Jay Bell (USA) in an WBC middleweight bout at Puerto Rico on 7 August 1993.

Hatton was knocked out at the end of the second round so he's a long way away from breaking any of these records. It's a shame of course and we are all disappointed but none of us more than the man himself I'm sure.

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao, you are an awesome champion and all boxing fans will hope to see more of you soon.

Big props of course to Ricky Hatton. As we always say at Guinness World Records, it's not always the result but the trying that is most important.

Til the next time!

Did you watch the fight? Who did you think would win? Are there any boxing records you think Guinness World Records should know about? Add a comment and let us know