Podcast recording

Our trending topic for this month is how businesses are using playlists and podcasts to create brand awareness and increase sales.

Many businesses are turning to Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and other music streaming platforms to engage with their audiences.

Music and conversation are personal mediums that easily catch the emotions of people from all kinds of backgrounds.


When a brand curates its own playlist, it is using songs specifically to influence a consumer's perception of the brand or their core values.

Take WaterAid, for example. They wanted to encourage people to have showers in four minutes or less to save water. To advocate this cause, WaterAid released a Spotify playlist of 40 songs that all run for four minutes exactly, to remind people to get out of the shower before the four-minute song is over.

In order to create a successful playlist, it needs to captures your brand's identity.


The playlist should be for moods or activities that are relevant to your target audience, and can even be designed to allow listeners to engage through comments or by adding their own preferred songs.

Spotify, and other music streaming services, offer an interesting new avenue for engaging with consumer audiences.

This way of reaching customers is easily adaptable and can be changed within a matter of clicks.

Did you know?

Guinness World Records has a Spotify playlist called 'The Year in Pop'.

It includes some record-breaking artists such as BTS, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift who have been featured in the Guinness World Records 2019 annual.

Creating this playlist has given fans of these artists a platform to express their excitement about the records. Listen below or find the playlist on Spotify.


A podcast is a more personal way to reach out to potential customers because it gives people a better idea of the values and methods of the business.

 The audience has more flexibility with how they listen to the podcast, and they can listen to the podcast while doing other things.

Podcasts allow businesses to share information about new products, information about the company, or just general information about the industry. They also give your company a personal voice and representative.


Brands that have successfully used podcasts as a marketing tactic include Lyft and Gatorade. Lyft’s podcast is called "Pick Me Up", and it offers an inside look into the life of its drivers. It is an engaging and heartwarming podcast about employees chasing their dreams.

Gatorade's podcast is called "The Secret to Victory", and it contains intimate conversations with top performers in sports. They constantly ask the question: "what happens when the best athletes in the world lose?" and how athletes use defeat as motivation to build strength from the inside out.

Did you know?

Guinness World Records (GWR) has a podcast for its gaming audience. Hosted by Mike Plant, GWR's Gamer's Editor, the podcast also features Gaming Category Manager, Luke Wakeham, plus industry experts talking about all things gaming.

This podcast has given our dedicated gaming audience ways to engage with us outside of our Gamer’s Edition book. See the latest episode below and find previous episodes on our Records Showcase page.