Emanuel Mojica Rosas about to be presented with his certificate for the Largest God of War memorabilia collection

With 570 items, a Mexican resident has the largest collection of God of War memorabilia

Emanuel Mojica Rosas of Jalisco, Nayarit, started his private collection in 2011, when his grandmother's health began to decline. 

"It was a very difficult time for me and my family. I could not concentrate. I needed something that motivated me to keep going. And that's how I discovered the world of God of War and started collecting, collecting, and collecting," Emmanuel explained.

"God of War was created with passion and I believe that when something is created with passion, the feeling is contagious."

Largest collection of God of War memorabilia

Since then, he has amassed hundreds of items spanning from global versions of the game, soundtracks, swords, consoles, figurines and much more. 

Largest collection of God of War memorabilia items

To honour the anniversary of PlayStation’s God of War game and Emanuel's unwavering dedication, Santa Monica Studio, who after becoming aware of his collection, brought him to their studio where he met with the game’s development team, including their Creative Director and Writer, Cory Barlog. 

Cory Barlog, left, meets Emmanuel

There, Phillip Robertson, official Guinness World Records adjudicator, presented the title certificate to a happily surprised Emanuel. 

Largest God of War collection certificate

"My father died in 2015 and since then, my life mission has been to put the surname Mojica on the top and make history. Breaking a Guinness World Records title is a way to make history with my family," Emanuel added.

Largest God of War memorabilia collection

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Largest God of War collection items