Vanessa Lachey with adjudicator after attempt

Celebrity mother, Vanessa Lachey, and yogurt maker Stonyfield Organic (both USA) are officially Guinness World Records title holders.

In a fun event hosted by Stonyfield Organic at The Grove in Los Angeles on Sunday 10 March, the TV host and actress successfully attempted the most bagged lunches assembled in three minutes (individual) with a final total of nine.

Each bagged lunch included a sandwich, a piece of fruit, and one of Stonyfield Organic's latest Snack Pack products, available in four different flavors.

Energy levels were high as Lachey rapidly packed lunches for the allotted three-minutes while the adjudicator on-site closely observed her performance. 

Once the attempt concluded, the results were verified, and it was confirmed to have been a success!

Stonyfield Vanessa Lachey

Achieving this record also serves as proof that when moms and kids agree on snacks, packing lunch becomes a whole lot faster!

As a busy mother of three, Lachey was a perfect partner for the brand who organized this challenge to help parents find convenient and nutritious foods for both them and their kids. 

"I had so much fun helping Stonyfield Organic accomplish this Guinness World Records title," said Lachey.

"With lots of practice with my own kids, I know how challenging it can be to find snacks that I feel good about but also that my kids will actually eat."

As part of the attempt, Stonyfield Organic also donated $10,000 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to help combat hunger within the city's community. 

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