Ronnie O'Sullivan has become the first snooker player to reach 1000 competitive century breaks

Snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan (UK) has become the first snooker player to make 1,000 competitive centuries.

The five-time world champion reached the landmark during the last frame of the Players Championship final in Preston, UK, on Sunday 10 March.

The crowd was on its feet as O’Sullivan scored his thousandth century en-route to a 134 clearance.

Afterwards he told the BBC: "It's a special moment with the crowd. You never know what to expect and I've never had that before, everyone cheering every ball as it was going in towards the end."

As well as the landmark achievement, O’Sullivan also won the tournament with a 10-4 victory over Australia’s Neil Robertson.

The 43–year-old turned professional in 1992. Five years later he scored the fastest 147 break, with a time of 5 min 8 sec.

O’Sullivan holds numerous other snooker records. As well as being the first to 1,000 century breaks, he (naturally) has the most century breaks, 225 more than Stephen Hendry (UK) who is second in the all-time rankings with 775.

He also has the most competitive 147 breaks with 15, most wins of snooker’s "Triple Crown" tournaments (made up of the Masters, the UK Championship and the World Championship) with 19, and most century breaks at the World Snooker Championship with 166 to date.