Saobai attempting the most consecutive wins in Honor of Kings

Under the watchful gaze of 15 million people, an 18-year-old Chinese gamer has set a new record for the Most consecutive wins in Honor of Kings.

Saobai, one of China’s most popular gamers, set the new record on Saturday, 26 January. He achieved the feat with his 333rd victory during a live steam in Beijing, while being monitored by an official Guinness World Records adjudicator.

Previous data from the game, such as videos, screenshots and certificate verifying Saobai's previous 332 wins, was combined with the result from this one.

As a classic multiplayer online tactical game, Honor of Kings has been a global best-seller. According to a report by Sensor Tower in December 2018, it had more than 100 million downloads from the Apple App Store and Google Play last year.

Honor of Kings most consecutive wins

The mobile game's international and domestic versions were downloaded 68 million times worldwide in 2018, including iOS in China. It has generated more than $1.8 billion in annual revenue – and that figure doesn't include income from third-party android platforms in China and elsewhere.

Saobai is the first Honor of Kings gamer to attempt a Guinness World Records title. He is a well-known and influential esports anchor in China, achieving celebrity status in less than two years and attracting more than 50 million followers.

Saobai most consecutive wins in Honor of Kings

Esports has become hugely popular with young gamers both in China and abroad. It has been included in the performance programme of the 2018 Asian Games and may even enter the Olympic Games in the future.

In an interview after the challenge, Saobai acknowledged that his Guinness World Records title was a great gift for his fans but insisted that he would continue to work hard at his gaming.

And if the opportunity arose for him to play for his country at the Olympics, he vowed to give it his best shot.

Honor of Kings gamer Saobai