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Just in time for the Hanukkah season, Estate Diamond Jewelery in New York City has articulately crafted the world’s most valuable dreidel.

Valued at $70,000, the custom-designed piece took four months to create and features the traditional Hebrew symbols of Nun, Gimmel, Hey, and Shin (all diamond-encrusted of course).

Those who handle this precious artifact might want to avoid spinning it too hard – seeing as the tip of the dreidel is a 4.20-carat diamond.

While it certainly resembles the look of a standard dreidel, it’s actually considerably larger with the body alone resembling the size of a business card. Upright, it stands at 10.8 cm off the ground.

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Constructed entirely of 18k gold, the smaller lettering is made with 18k white gold and has 222 modern round brilliant diamonds inlaid into the symbols.

Estate Diamond Jewelry is a business that has collected rare and vintage engagement rings for over 40 years – and their long-standing history and prized collection sparked the initial idea for creating the lavish piece.

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“The inspiring message of Chanukah has always resonated with us and we love whimsical jewelry, so naturally, we have always tried to get our hands on an important antique dreidel to add to the collection.”

Prior to making the dreidel, creators searched through hundreds of designs to find the perfect look for their final product but ended up following the artistic style of Art Deco.

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“The indented edges of the faces, the sharp diagonal lines of the pavilion, and the straight top are strong themes of the Art Deco Era. The final design was heavily inspired by the Chrysler Building - which is only a few blocks away from our showroom.”

As dreidels are typically played with during Hanukkah, this shining, glittering piece ties in perfectly with the holiday which symbolizes a celebration of light.

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Historically, Jewish children used the dreidel both as a game as well as a way to learn symbols and lettering of the Torah.

Now, it’s a fun way to bond with others during the holiday festivities.

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This occasion marks the first time that Diamond Estate Jewelery has earned a Guinness World Records title, but they might have their sights set on more in the future.

“We had no idea how fun this journey would be. It has been a very high honor receiving this record title. It has been one of our greatest accomplishments in 2019.”

Most valuable dreidel