Participants in League City during attempt

Energy levels were high at Challenger Columbia Stadium in League City, Texas, on 12 October 2018.

With October being fire prevention month in the USA, the Fire Marshal’s Office and Volunteer Fire Department of League City wanted to do something memorable to engage community members while educating them on the importance of fire safety in a fun and interactive way.

The organizers decided that hosting an official attempt for the Most people participating in a Stop, Drop & Roll demonstration would be perfect way to do so, and while an ambitious record to attempt - the target to beat standing at 1,719 participants - League City was determined to unite their community to rise to the occasion. 

Community members were encouraged to come out to the stadium to participate in the attempt via the League City government Facebook page, which spread the message and increased overall excitement about the much-anticipated event.

On the day of the event, each person was carefully counted as attendees filed into the stadium and once properly positioned on the football field yard lines, the fire marshal announced the guidelines and initiated the start of the attempt.

Participants "stop, drop, and rolled" in unison for 30 seconds in hopes of breaking the record, while the adjudicator on-site observed the group closely to verify their activity.

Enthusiasm was at an all-time high as participants performed each movement together, laughing and engaging with one another during the attempt.

Once the 30 seconds had concluded, the adjudicator calculated the results and announced that League City had been successful with a total of 1,989 participants, breaking the previous record by nearly 300 people!

Excitement permeated throughout the crowd as they celebrated their achievement.

Adjudicator photo from League City Texas attempt

Commendable teamwork and effort was presented by everyone involved and the success of the event from start to finish is an incredible example of how such a serious matter can be transformed into a fun learning experience that can be taken with participants for years to come.

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