Two dynamically talented pups from have made it into Guinness World Records 2019 for their record-breaking jumping abilities!

Feather, a greyhound, and border collie Geronimo, from Frederick, Maryland (US), have each achieved record titles in this year’s book – making them are a pair of canine stars in the Pets chapter.  

While many animals can do a number of tricks, Geronimo is known for her rope skipping feats.

The quick footed rescue has not only managed to achieve the Most skips by a dog in one minute at 91, but also the title for Most double dutch style skips by a dog in one minute at 128 which she achieved in April 2014.

Owner Samantha Valle is a large part of the success, as she has not only adopted both pups but trained them as well.

"Her [Geronimo's] name was actually Cricket when I got her. Little black and white, tan-grey puppy she was so cute. On the way home on the drive from the pound, she tried to jump out the window and that’s how she got her name Geronimo."


On the other hand, Feather the Greyhound is about as aerial as her name.

As a fun-loving, energetic dog, she’s accomplished the world’s Highest jump by a dog after hurdling herself over a height of 191.7 cm (75.5 in) on 14 September 2017.

"Once she [Feather] knew that going over the hurdle was what I wanted, she was like ‘oh, ok’. And by the time I got to 60 inches, it was just like nothing for her. The world record is now 75.5 inches, she just amazes me every single day."


Samantha first began teaching dogs after picking out her first dog at the age of 15 and has been doing it ever since.

With Feather and Geronimo, she practices quite often. It only took six weeks for Geronimo to master the double dutch technique, while Feather trains three times a week to increase her jumping stamina.

Nonetheless, Samantha says the key to successful dog coaching is not comparing dogs to each other but responding to each animal’s needs as well as being patient and consistent.

Geronimo (left) and Feather (right) with Samantha

"I feel like people have a lot of misconceptions about rescue dogs. Like 'oh someone threw it away, there must be something wrong with it' – but I really enjoy taking people’s throwaway animals and making them into something great."

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