This is what happened when two martial arts schools from China faced off on TV to attempt a record involving trampolines, forward flips and balancing on a small platform.

Students from Zhonghua Martial Arts School were pitched against counterparts from Tagou to try and break the record for Most people to forward flip off a trampoline onto a platform in one minute on the set of Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China in January 2016.

This record involves jumping from the trampoline and flipping onto a 4 ft x 3 ft (122 cm x 94 cm) platform, with each participant having to remain on the platform after they've landed.

Due to ever decreasing amount of space, teams must invent creative techniques to stack as many of their teammates onto the platform as possible.

Speed is vital not just in flipping onto the platform but also in getting into your position as quickly as possible to allow the next team mate to flip, making this a very challenging record to break that only becomes harder with time as the human tower grows higher.

Most people to forward flip off a trampoline onto a platform in one minute

The Zhonghua team (in black and blue) was first to break the previous best of 26 people, setting a tough target for Tagou Martial Arts School (in black in yellow) to beat.

Despite coming very close to beating the new record,  Tagou's final team member could not flip to the top of his team’s human tower with mere seconds left on the clock.

In the end, both teams achieved 36 flips in one minute meaning the title is now shared by both schools.

You can watch their attempts below.