The 100th episode of CBBC's Officially Amazing is due to be aired on Friday (3 August).

Presented by Ben Shires, the show has shed light on many amazing records around the globe and has held live record breaking in the studio with its starring record-holders including Cherry Yoshitake (aka Mr Cherry) and Raymond Butler (aka US Ray).

Over seven series, hundreds of amazing records have been documented, including chainsaw juggling, domino toppling, and backflipping – with a water jet pack!

Below we explore some of the incredible achievements from the previous 99 shows – and find out what's happened to them since. You can find out more about Officially Amazing, including its stars, on our kids website.

Most jelly eaten with chopsticks in one minute

This record was broken during series three in 2014 by Mr Cherry. He managed to gulp down 663 grams (1 lb 6 oz) of jelly, achieving a Cherry amazing record!

However, this record has since been broken twice – by two of our most prolific record breakers. With a total of 679 grams (1 lb 7.95 oz), Ashrita Furman was the first to break Mr Cherry’s record.

Ashrita has broken over 600 records in his lifetime, and currently holds more than 200. However, Ashrita’s record has since been broken by André Ortolf, who managed to eat almost two pounds of jelly - 716 g (1 lb 95 oz) to be exact.

André holds many other records, including Most Marmite eaten in one minute and Most lemons caught blindfolded in 30 seconds (team of two).


Most consecutive handsprings (female)

Another amazing record appeared in series two, when JaLyssa Walker (USA) propelled herself into the record books in 2013 with a staggering 53 consecutive handsprings!

JaLyssa’s flips took her from one end of an American football field to the other – that’s a distance of 109.7 m (360 ft)! JaLyssa’s record remains unbroken.


Most scorpion kicks in one minute

Series four saw a great record attempt from Chloe Bruce (UK) for Most scorpion kicks in one minute. A scorpion kick is a martial art move that requires you to be extremely flexible, as you must bring your leg up backwards and strike over your shoulder.

Chloe Bruce, a martial artist and athlete, managed 39 kicks in 2015, a record which remains unbeaten.

Chloe has also enjoyed success as a Hollywood stunt double - she was Daisy Ridley's stunt double for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as working on smash hits such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Mission: Impossible - Fallout.


Most skips over a human skipping rope in one minute

One of the most amazing human body records we’ve seen on Officially Amazing, this record aired in series six.

The record was earned in 2016 by Acropolis, a group of acrobatic gymnasts from Deerness Gymnastics Academy in County Durham, UK.

Four people took part in the attempt, Georgia Hewison, Jesse Heskett, Angus Martin and Liam Sneath (all UK). Georgia acted as the ‘rope’.

This record still belongs to Acropolis.


Tightest car parallel parking

This record was achieved by John Moffatt (UK) on series one in 2012, with only 13.1 cm (5.16 in) of free space between his car and the two others.

The record was then equalled on the same day by his brother, Alastair. There's no sibling rivalry here though - they work together as a stunt driving duo!

Already a hotly contested record category, the brothers' success sparked a race for the record.

Next to obtain the title was Ronny Wechselberger (Germany) in June 2013, with a parallel park of 10 cm (3.94 in).

Not to be outdone, Alastair took back the title in July 2013 with 8.6 cm (3.4 inch), again on the set of Officially Amazing.

The title was then taken by Han Yue (China) who managed an even closer 8 cm (3.15 inch) parallel park in November 2014.

But Alastair wanted to win back his title, and did so in January 2015, with an impressive 7.5 cm (2.95 inch) – the diameter of a baseball! It still remains unbeaten.