Thousands of fans of The Muppets will be descending on London's O2 Arena for the family favourite's first ever live shows outside the US.

While many are thrilled for the chance to see the likes of Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Animal, few fans can match the enthusiasm of a teenager from Nebraska, US.

Rhett Safranek from Merna now officially owns the Largest collection of The Muppets memorabilia, with his parents giving him his first item when he was a baby.

Now with a grand total of 1,841 objects, the 16-year-old's passion shows no sign of abating.

Largest collection of Muppets memorabilia 3

"My first item was a set of two The Best of The Muppet Show VHS tapes. My parents found it at a Walmart and remembered the show from when they were kids. They said I was about two months old when they got me those movies, and after watching those over and over, my parents got me more of the series. I guess those tapes are special because they were what introduced me to The Muppet Show."

Now this teenager super fan has an array of items ranging from collector McDonald’s toys, autographed objects from The Muppets’ puppeteers, and even a Twitter account dedicated to his collection (which was not included in final total).

largest collection of the muppets memorabilia 1

Rhett attributes the year he was born for his obsessive interest in the characters, as it marked the 25th anniversary of the first time The Muppet Show aired.

As such, several exclusive tapes, stuffed animals, games and other objects were in abundance at that time, making it easy for a young fan to jumpstart a record-breaking collection.

Largest collection of Muppets memorabilia 4

While the 16-year-old can’t say what fascinates him about the series, his favorite character is Gonzo the Great, and has been since he was a young boy.

"When I was a kid I always had my Gonzo stuffed animal. I had to ask my mum why I ever started to like Gonzo and she said when I watched the John Cleese episode I loved Gonzo's canon ball stunt. My mum later said that Gonzo was the first Muppet stuffed animal they got me so I just really started to like him. I continue to like Gonzo for how fun and spontaneous he is."

Despite favouring Gonzo, Rhett says he has a love for all the other characters, which his friends and family are very aware of.

As they would often get him new items as Christmas and birthday presents, he recognises their help in expanding his collection.

largest collection of the muppets memorabilia 2

"My sister supports me by looking out for new Muppet merchandise and also acting interested in The Muppets, which means a lot because other than my parents and my sister I don't know anyone that goes out of their way to talk to me about The Muppets.  

"A lot of other random people like a guy that gave me some free stuff at an antique store to our local librarian who bought Muppet books and movies just for me.”

Since becoming an official Guinness World Records holder, Rhett is excited to own more objects related to the series than any other person in the world.

He hopes to one day open a museum with his items so that people from all over the globe can appreciate The Muppets as much as he does.

Largest collection of Muppets memorabilia 8