Fuji, Japan, is home to one of the rarest kinds of circus – its members consist only of dogs.

Super Wan Wan Circus has been in operation for more than 50 years and has been entertaining people of all ages across the globe. In addition, it holds multiple Guinness World Records titles such as Most dogs skipping on the same rope and Most rotations around a human neck by a dog in 30 seconds.

Now, as of February 2018, one of its stars also has Most jumps over a moving human leg by a dog in 30 seconds they have overtaken one of their own records at an event held in Hong Kong.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa in Hong Kong had invited Super Wan Wan Circus to perform a dog show in Hong Kong. 

During the show, Daifuku – a female Jack Russell Terrier – and owner Hiroaki Uchida attempted the record which was already held by the circus.


As the crowd looked on, Daifuku and Hiroaki showed great teamwork to set a record of 37 times - three more than the previous best of 34, set by another fellow circus member Ieyasu (a toy poodle).

According to Hiroaki, jumping over his legs is one of Daifuku’s favourite activities, and he decided to beat the record to deepen their relationship.

Around one-third of the members at Super Wan Wan Circus are dogs who were either abandoned or were taken to shelters. 

One of the aims of the circus is to make people aware of the wonder and preciousness of life.