Guinness World Records has been travelling around Europe filming some of the continent's most astonishing record holders

The next stop in our video team's European tour was Bernberg, Germany. 

We caught up with security guard Tafzi Ahmed, who holds the record for Most watermelons crushed with the head in one minute. 

Tafzi managed to smash an impressive 43 watermelons out of 50 at the Rose Festival, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, on 27 May 2011. He went on to feature in a photo shoot for the Guinness World Records 2013 book.

Tafzi explains when he started using his head to crush things, and how he built up his tolerance. 

"I started approximately 15 years ago. At first I tried crushing a few concrete blocks with my head. It started with 3 to 4 and I gradually added more."

Tafzi Ahmed block crushing

Despite his experience with and preparation for these events, he shared with our team that his family still feel trepidation when Tafzi attempts the records. 

"The family, my daughter, my son and my wife are always against it. They know how dangerous this is for my head. Before I was sceptical, scared and panicking as you can never anticipate the water melons condition."

However, Tafzi explains that his pursuit has minimal effects on his body.

"I will have bruises and perhaps a light headache, but after a couple of hours, I will be fine."

While the team were in Germany, Tafzi attempted to break another similar record, Most watermelons crushed with the head in 30 seconds.  

In preparation for this record, I had special training in the gym for 3 to 4 months. I focused my training on my back and neck muscles. I also meditate, so that for one minute I do not feel pain.

Tafzi needed to crush 25 watermelons in under 30 seconds to secure the record - but unfortunately on this occasion only managed to crush 11. 

Despite his unsuccessful attempt, Tafzi has already resolved to try again. 

"Today, it did not work out. But I will try again in summer when we have nice weather and a lot of watermelons to test and train with." 

Most watermelons crushed with the head in 30 seconds