We last featured Dean Stott after he completed the record for the Fastest time to cycle the length of South America (Cartagena to Ushuaia), covering 6,000 miles in just 48 days.

Fastest time to cycle the length of the Pan-American Highway

After facing brutal conditions and grueling terrain between Ushuaia in southern Argentina and Cartagena in northern Colombia, the 40-year-old’s next mission was to take on the Fastest cycle journey of the Pan-American Highway.

While the former UK Special Forces soldier was prepared to cycle 22,000 kilometres through 14 countries, by the time he reached his end goal of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, USA, he had an additional incentive to hurry his pace.

Fastest time to cycle the length of the Pan-American Highway 3

His friend Prince Harry had sent him an invitation to his royal wedding, motivating him to complete his tour much earlier than he had planned. Dean met Harry 10 years earlier during their military service.

As it turns out, he succeeded in finishing the journey in just 99 days, 12 hours and 56 minutes, breaking the record by 17 days.

The previous record was achieved by Mexico's Carlos Santamaría Covarrubias in 2015.

Fastest time to cycle the length of the Pan-American Highway 7

Through this leg of his travels, Dean passed through strong winds, snow and steep hills.

He made his attempt with a support vehicle that helped him collect all the evidence required by the Guinness World Records records team, including photos, videos, independent witness statements and GPS files.

During his trip across America, he saw bears, iguanas, bison and an elk.

Once he arrived in Alaska, his wife and children were waiting for him with Guinness World Records adjudicator Sarah Casson on the finish line, outside an oil field in the Arctic Circle.

Fastest time to cycle the length of the Pan-American Highway 2

This two-part record-breaking mission was attempted to raise funds for mental health campaign Heads Together, with Dean's challenge being supported by the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation, which is also committed to helping people who are experiencing mental health issues.

So far, Dean has raised almost £500,000 for the Heads Together campaign, with the help of HRH Prince Harry. 

"Harry is one of the main promoters of this charity and, due to his military experience, has an authentic passion for helping people who have had to suffer the horrors of a conflict. Since we started working on this project I have noticed that many people know people who have had mental health problems."

Surprisingly, Stott is not a long-term cyclist.

He actually started a year ago before his attempt, and trained vigorously to build up his endurance. 

Fastest time to cycle the Pan-American Highway

Dean mentions on his website that taking on a world record of this nature is "the biggest challenge" of his life.

But after conquering not one but two cycling records in course of 147 days, it’s safe to say he has valiantly lived up to test.