Happy #SocialMediaDay 2018! Today marks the 9th year since its creation by media company Mashable in 2010. 

Originating in the US, Social Media Day has grown and grown, and is now acknowledged worldwide as the day to celebrate the impact social media has had on global communication.

So this year we bring you 10 records, both new and longstanding (but pretty amazing), so you can find out about the biggest milestone moments in social media's history.

1. Most Twitter engagements (average retweets)

South Korean boy band Bangtan Boys, or BTS (@bts_twt), have a number of social media records thanks to their fan base.

This  includes the Most Twitter engagements (average retweets) which, as of 23 April 2018, stood at 330,624

Three alternative Twitter accounts for the septet - @bts_love_myself, @bts_bighit and @BTS_jp_official - had amassed 88,281, 93,522 and 36,488 engagements, respectively, as of the same date, and their management company Big Hit Entertainment (@BigHitEnt; 43,520 engagements) had also cashed in on their success, with all five accounts among Twitter's top 40 for average retweets.

BTS's fans have also helped their music idols take the record for Most viewed music video online in 24 hours by a K-pop group: 21 million YouTube views of their song DNA between 18–19 September 2017.

2. Most liked image on Instagram

Beyonce held the title for most liked Instagram post for 12 months with her post revealing her pregnancy, but was overtaken by Kylie Jenner in February 2018 when she announced her daughter Stormi to the world. 

The photo currently has a total of 17,973,521 likes.

The image was simply captioned "Stormi Webster".

stormi webster 👼🏽

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

3. First person to reach 1 billion views on Vine

Do it for the Vine! 

Vine, the app which allowed people to share videos of themselves (which were typically six seconds long), was closed down by its parent company Twitter on 17 January 2017. 

Despite its short-lived success, Vine became home to many internet success stories, including Eleonora Pons Maronese, aka Lele Pons.

Lele Pons achieve the record of First person to reach 1 billion views on Vine in July 2014.

Her Vine fame was rooted in slapstick comedy scenes and relatable scenarios.

4. Most liked message on Twitter

The Most liked message on Twitter was achieved by former US president Barack Obama, in the wake of unrest in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.
The tweet is a quote from Nelson Mandela, former South African president and prolific civil rights activist.

The tweet currently has 4,565,166 retweets.

5. First video uploaded to YouTube

The First video uploaded to YouTube was entitled "Me at the Zoo", and was uploaded on 23 April 2005 by YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim.

6. Most followers on Twitter for an entrepreneur

We're sure you've heard of our next record breaker - the Most followers on twitter for an entrepreneur is held by Bill Gates, the founder of the Microsoft Corporation.

He currently has 46,229,348 million followers on twitter. 

He is a philanthropist and keen reader, who often shares his favourite books. 

7. Most subscribers for an animal on YouTube

Our next pawsome record breaker is Maymo the Lemon Beagle, who holds the record for the Most subscribers for an animal on YouTube. Maymo currently has 1,941,374 subscribers, and shares his YouTube channel with his brother, Potpie, and his sister, Penny.

Watch his most famous video, which he stars in with Penny:

8. First hashtagged selfie on Instagram

On 27 January 2011 – the day Instagram introduced hashtags – Jennifer Lee (USA) added the tag #selfie to a photograph of herself that she had uploaded to Instagram 11 days earlier.

I  my new Anthro sweater

A post shared by Jennifer Lee (@jennlee) on

9. Most comments on a Weibo™ post

The Most comments on a Weibo™ post is held by pop star Luhan, aka Lu Han (China). 

Luhan was a part of the Korean/Chinese boy bands EXO and EXO-M before embarking on a solo career in 2014.

The comments are on a video he posted about his favourite soccer team, Manchester United, on 10 September 2012.

Little could he have predicted the reaction it would spark!

By 19 April 2016, the post had received 100,899,012 comments on the Weibo social network.

10. Most confusing emoji

According to a study published by the University of Minnesota in April 2016, Microsoft’s "smiling face with open mouth and tightly closed eyes" was ranked as the world’s most confusing emoji, with interpretations ranging from euphoric laughter to extreme pain.


And there you have it! Ten of the biggest and best social media records straight from Guinness World Records HQ. 

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