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Manchester City’s goalie Ederson de Moraes has just helped this season's Premier League winners secure yet another record.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Adam Brown was invited to a training session at City's Etihad Campus to witness an attempt at the Longest football (soccer) drop kick.

The Brazilian goalkeeper had a tough mark of 75 metres to beat – and only three attempts to get it right.

The Guinness World Records rules for this title state the kick must take place from behind a kicking line and the foot cannot travel over that line during the execution of the kick.

Wind speed is also taken into consideration, so as not to give the challenger an unfair advantage, and was measured to make sure it was not faster than five metres a second.

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View from the scene: adjudicator Adam's take on the attempt

From the start Ederson was very eager to attempt the record – he appeared confident and up for the challenge. During his warm up he fell well short of the record target, I think then he realised how difficult it is to achieve a Guinness World Records title.

Nonetheless he was all smiles going into his official attempts. The first two kicks were visibly short of the distance needed to achieve the record and with one attempt left the jovial atmosphere dropped.

With tension in the air he composed himself and took his final kick. As soon as it left his foot I thought it looked good, but as it reached its peak in the air and began to descend I knew this would be the kick to achieve the title.

Longest football drop kick attempt

The 24-year-old managed an incredible 75.35 m (247 ft 2 in) kick – with teammates Kyle Walker, Raheem Sterling and Phil Foden there to cheer him on.

Ederson’s achievement is the latest in a record-breaking football season for his club Manchester City.

From left to right: Kyle Walker, Ederson, Adjudicator Adam, Phil Foden and Raheem Sterling

Manager Pep Guardiola has led the team to Most goals scored in a Premier League season (team) (106) and Highest points total in a Premier League season by a team (100) at the end of the 2017/18 Premier League season with City becoming the first top flight team to reach 100 points in the history of English football.

The Sky Blues also hold the title for the Most consecutive wins by a team in the top division of English football (soccer), thanks to their 18-match winning streak earlier between August and December 2017.

Man City celebrate their win. Credit: Shutterstock