Providing a whopping 495.52 m (1,625.72 ft) of fun for both kids and adults, 'The Beast' is officially the world's Longest inflatable obstacle course and it will be touring the world later this year.

The epic course features 60 challenge sections with five wipe-out obstacles at the end.

It can take around 10 minutes for people to run, climb and crawl their way to the finish.

The mega obstacle course was created by Hold My Shoes and V-Formation, and made its debut in Wachtebeke, Belgium last year.

However, if you’re in the UK, you can test it out for yourself from 26-28 May, as it is going to Betteshanger Country Park near Deal, Kent.

Following that, events are being organised in Australia, Japan, Chile, Brazil, The Netherlands, Slovakia and Sweden. Dates and venues will be announced on the Hold My Shoes website and social pages soon.

Longest obstacle course

Talking about how it all began, Hold My Shoes founder, Benedikt De Vreese, said: "We started off by making our first parts years ago based on a simple connector idea so we could easily attach new pieces. After doing that, we just wanted to make new themes, so we decided to make each track unique, one of a kind."

They then realised that their creation could be a Guinness World Records title holder so they "made it a target".

"Now we realise that we earned that title by being creative, innovative, patient and authentic. We bring people together with it, we provide a lot of fun and we make people move!"

Longest obstacle course 2

"We never made The Beast so we would know best overall times or winners, we made this so people could enjoy big-time! It’s all about getting out there and moving without boundaries, and afterwards you’ll realise you’ve done quite a physical challenge without realising. Don’t overthink The Beast, just unleash your inner Beast to conquer it."

On being a Guinness World Records title holder, Benedikt said: "It’s a title that’s earned by a team with passion, perseverance and vision, and we’re proud of achieving this one! 

"Even if other companies register bigger tracks in the future, we’ll always be the company remembered as the first one ever recording the world's longest inflatable obstacle course, so it’s something we’ll cherish our entire life."

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