VEX Worlds has officially broken the record for the world’s Largest robot competition after 30,000 people involved in a record-breaking 1,075 teams converged in Louisville, KY for a week-long celebration of STEM, diversity, and robotics.

Teams from Canada, China, United Kingdom and the United States brought home trophies for their achievements in robotics education including computational thinking, teamwork, and coding.

Robot Competition 2

The competition kicked-off with the submissions from around the world, and crowned middle school, high school, and university champions from China, Canada, and US.

"It’s critical that we reach students as early as possible in order to get them interested in STEM fields. This is especially true for young girls who statistically lose interest in middle school due to a multitude of reasons," Dan Mantz, CEO and chairman of the board of the REC Foundation.

"Through the VEX IQ Challenge and our Girl Powered initiative, we’re creating programs that make STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and computer science fun and engaging for all students."

For the competition, students needed to complete an engineering challenge put out by the annual competition presented in the form of a game.

In order to accel, each participant needed to build innovative robots to compete in the challenge.

Robot Competition 4

The object of this game is to attain a higher score than the opposing team, leading many to use creativity, teamwork, and communication in order to dominate their fellow challengers.

The three-day competition was highlighted by the unveil of the new 2018-19 VEX IQ Challenge game – Next Level, for attendees to work on for the following year.

Robot Competition

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