As Seen on TV: China is a new video series from Guinness World Records which showcases a selection of the most awe-inspiring, entertaining and sometimes shocking record attempts featured on Chinese television shows over recent years.

In the latest episode, we see Huynh Dang "KoA" Khoa from Germany combining athleticism and strength in an exhausting attempt to better his own record for the Most pine boards broken with backflip kick in one minute.

Most pine boards broken with backflip kick in one minute portrait

Between 2012 and 2014, he managed to raise the total from five to nine – so he has a tough mark to beat.

The Guinness World Records rules for this challenge state that each board must be broken into at least two pieces and that the contestants are not allowed to use their hands to control their landing in any way.

Khoa manages an incredible 13 backflips, but the adjudicators have to disqualify two flips because his hands touch the ground when he lands.

However, with a new total of 11 backflips, Khoa successfully breaks the record for the fourth time.

The presenter of CCTV - Guinness World Records Special asks Khoa if he is okay after the attempt: “It hurts,” he says.

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