British comedian and science boff Robin Ince – who wrote the introduction to our new Science & Stuff book (the UK version) – recently visited a school in the UK teach a class about the decibel scale and invite the kids to unofficially challenge the Loudest shout (individual) and Loudest scream (individual) records.

The current shouting record has been held by Annalisa Wray since 1994. At the Citybus Challenge in Belfast, Northern Ireland, she ironically yelled the word "quiet" to a level of 121.7 dBA. That’s almost as loud as a jet engine!

Classroom assistant Jill Drake holds the scream title at an ear-piercing 129 dBA.

Although none of the kids could match the noise these record holders made, Sofia proved to be the loudest in her class after registering an impressive 110.4 dBA bellow – so it sounds like she might have what it takes to break a record one day…

There are loads more of the grossest, smelliest, weirdest and noisiest records in Guinness World Records: Science & Stuff.

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