With Earth Day coming up on 22 April, it’s the perfect time to celebrate a new record for the Largest human recycling logo.

The New Indian Express, Nippon Paint India Pvt Ltd and B.S Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology managed to round up a staggering 1,726 people to take part and form the massive image in Chennai.

Everyone was given a green T-shirt and cap to wear, so that that the logo appeared as a block colour when viewed from above – which created some impressive aerial photos.

Forming the largest human recycling logo

The final design measured 45ft by 75ft.

The companies attempted the record to promote the message of 'Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.'

They have significantly bettered the previous record of 751 people, achieved by Mersin Büyükşehir Belediyesi in Mersin Cumhuriyet Square, Mersin, Turkey, on 7 June 2017.

Largest human recycling logo aerial view

Another recent record attempt in line with Earth Day’s message of reducing plastic pollution is the Largest T-shirt, also achieved in India.

Largest T-shirt header

Mumbai-based company, Plastindia Foundation, and its partners sourced 200,000 used PET bottles then crushed, recycled and processed them into fibre to create a whopping 4,000 kg of cloth.

We also have record holders for the Largest plastic bottle sculpture, Largest mural from recycled material and Most bottles recycled by a dog.