Many can attest to the searing pain of stepping on a single Lego brick, but imagine the agony of walking on an entire path made out of them?

In their latest series Overtime, the YouTube stars Dude Perfect haven taken on the rather painful challenge as they go for the Farthest distance walking on Lego bricks.

During the segment, Absurd Recurds, in episode two of their new series, the five friends give themselves a brutal test with the hopes of adding another title to their wall of Guinness World Records certificates.

Farthest distance walking on Lego bricks 2

Tyler Toney stepped up with thick soles to take on the minimum of 24.99 m (82 ft), which was anything but easy.

Despite wincing when stepping on the trail of jagged Lego bricks, he put on a brave face and prepared to obtain the new title.

With adjudicator Michael Empric monitoring closely, Toney plowed through the discomfort all the way to the end of the finish line.

You can check it out below:

Thanks to his commitment (and high pain threshold) the Dudes succeeded in achieving a distance of 44.78 m (146 ft 10.99 in) and adding another shiny certificate to their wall.

This attempt is one of the few non-athletic records Dude Perfect have accomplished, as they are typically known for breaking an array of titles across different sports disciplines.

Just last year, they shattered 14 American football records at the Texas Christian University, and prior to that, 11 basketball titles in 2016.

If you enjoyed the rush of seeing Dude Perfect defy the odds, stay tuned for their next record attempt on Overtime.