Over the past few years, Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya from India has taken on several grimace-inducing food challenges in the name of record-breaking, famed for stuffing 88 grapes in his mouth at once and gobbling down 269.6 g of peanut butter in 60 seconds.

However, Dinesh’s latest attempt at the Fastest time to drink a bottle of ketchup is arguably one of his most impressive records to date.

The determined challenger begins the attempt equipped with an unopened 396 g (14 oz) glass bottle of tomato sauce and a drinking straw. (No squeezy bottles are allowed for this attempt!)

Once the timer starts, he proceeds to suck down the ketchup – knowing he’s required to swallow 95% of the contents for the attempt to be valid.

Dinesh falls into a coughing fit once he’s finished – but he successfully achieved a new record time of 25.37 seconds.

"I am doing this record to prove myself as best in this amazing world in this particular record field," said the Mumbai resident in his application for the record title.

Dinesh’s ever-growing collection of record titles include Fastest time to peel and eat a grapefruit, Most grapes eaten in three minutes and Most oranges peeled and eaten in three minutes.

Fastest time to peel and eat a grapefruit

Guinness World Records travelled to India to visit Dinesh back in 2015, to talk to him about his current record titles at that time. (Note: Some of the records featured in the video below have since been broken.)

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