Stuart Robbins from Phoenix, Arizona, has proven he is a master of basketball free throwing, after breaking a Guinness World Records title at the age of 72.

He achieved the Most consecutive basketball free throws blindfolded with an impressive 16 successful shots in a row.

Stuart spent around 15,000 hours practicing for his official attempt, before taking on the challenge in the presence of two professional basketball referees.

He had to make sure that he could not see and that the free throw line was 4.572 m (15 ft) from the face of the backboard.

"I felt like I was on cloud nine when I broke the record. I want to challenge anyone in the NBA for a blindfold free throw contest!"

When asked what his friends and family thought of the record, Stuart said: "My Nephew would always challenge and harass me about certain players Like Ray Allen, Rick Barry, and Larry Bird, saying that they would beat me.‎ My mother, who is 97, is more worried about living than me making free throws. She always asks me if I'm making any money!"

(Stuart's nephew is a Arthur L. Bernstein, who had produced movies such as Walt Before Mickey and Swing State.)

Claim to fame: Stuart has met Donald Trump

Stuart first picked up a basketball in 1952, when he was just eight years old, and has enjoyed playing the sport ever since.

He hopes to break more basketball records in the future, but added: "I would like to give my time to teach young kids how to shoot properly."

His tips on how to become a record breaker? "You must have determination and incentive to do something. ‎You must have serious goals and willpower. You must develop the ultimate technique and mechanics to achieve. 

"You may WANT to do it but you must have the know-how."

Well said, Stuart!