Dr. William "Bill" Dorfman brings the bling to Hollywood.

Guinness World Records has now officially confirmed that the reputable cosmetic dentist has created the world’s Most valuable grill (jewellery) – and we expect a lot of celebs to be putting in their orders soon.

Encrusted with diamonds and precious gemstones, it’s no wonder that the intricate grill is worth a hefty $1,000,000 (£758,388).

Most valuable grill 3

Dr. Dorfman, who is known for his appearances on the TV show Extreme Makeover, designed the glittering dental accessory with the help of DaVinici Labs and XVI Karat Jewelers.

He was first asked to make the grill after being called up by Katy Perry’s makeup artist Johnny Wujek, who requested a custom piece for an upcoming music video.

Most valuable grill 2

This dazzling grill may be a bit ostentatious to wear on the daily, but it fits just right in Katy Perry’s extravagant music video for hit single "Dark Horse", for which it was intended.

Can you spot the record-holding pop star sporting the flashy mouth piece in the video below? 

Dr. Dorfman isn’t a first time record holder, and in fact achieved his first title in 2010 when he attempted the Most money raised for charity through head shaving (individual).

Most valuable grill 4

At that time, he managed to amass $121,000 (£82,000) while on set of Los Angeles talk show The Doctors, to help the LEAP Foundation - a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping high school and college students across the USA gain valuable life skills.

Upon earning a record for the second time in his life, a feat that few get to boast about, he says:

"At that time I was totally blown away. I never imagined that I would get a second Guinness World Records title, so this time I am just as thrilled. In fact, I am thinking of getting the record for having the most Guinness World Records titles!" - Dr William Dorfman.

Katy Perry has several Guinness World Records titles to her name too - most recently she became the First to accumulate 100 million followers on Twitter, hitting a major milestone in social media history.