Fifth grader Ciela Villa can boast something most kids her age can’t – she’s an official Guinness World Records title holder.

After coming to GWR’s headquarters in New York City to attempt a record with teaching extraordinaire Science Bob last week, Ciela became the first person to achieve the title for the Longest distance to stretch home-made slime in 30 seconds.

The demonstration took place live on our Facebook page, where Science Bob showed both Ciela and our host Bridget the key ingredients to making the gooiest, stretchiest and most colourful slime.

Longest distance to stretch home-made slime in 30 seconds 2

Bob made sure to cover all of the steps listed in the new Guinness World Records: Science & Stuff book, which also features nine other DIY experiments.

It was important for Ciela to use the exact recipe written in the book, so that she could make the proper batch to break the record.

Here's what you'd need to attempt the record yourself:

Longest distance to stretch home-made slime in 30 seconds 3

After making a few bowls, Ciela decided to attempt the correlating record that matches the experiment in the Make & Break section of the book.

Official adjudicator Alex Angert was present to verify the record in real time, and explain the guidelines she needed to follow in order to achieve the title.

For the attempt to count, Ciela needed to stretch the slime over two metres, without any breaks in the material itself.

Earlier in the week, WWE wrestler and Total Divas star Nattie Neidhart attempted the exact same record but didn’t quite extend it far enough to meet the minimum.

However, with some encouragement from Science Bob and a strong passion for science and slime, Ciela managed to accomplish a distance of 2.22 m (7 ft 4 in).

After beating the record, she said:

"I read Guinness World Records books all the time and now I’m part of it! It feels awesome and it shows girls can do anything! If they practice!"

Longest distance to stretch home-made slime in 30 seconds

Now Ciela’s focus has shifted to breaking other titles, eager to try more science-related experiments and records with the help of her classmates at school.

"I’m super excited to have a Guinness World Records title. Especially one that’s new and in the Guinness World Records: Science and Stuff book. That’s my favourite part, because math and science are my two favourite subjects in school. My friends and I have been looking through all the Guinness World Records books to see which one we can try next!"

Longest distance to stretch home-made slime in 30 seconds 4

Want to attempt some science records like Ciela? All the experiments are in our new book Science & Stuff - now available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
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