Fortnite Tender Defender skin

Join us for episode four of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Podcast, a weekly show where we talk about all things gaming including the latest news, the biggest games and, of course, the week’s most fun and interesting gaming records.

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Hosted by Gamer’s Edition Editor Mike Plant, with regular guests Jack Turner and Luke Wakeham – sorry, no Andy this week guys, we finally lost him to Red Dead Online, theSpyro Trilogyand try to work out if now’s the best time ever to buy a PS VR.

We all run the rule over the games of Q1 2019, including Resident Evil 2 Remake, Metro Exodus, Anthem, Devil May Cry 5, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and more! Will they slip? Will new trailers for them be forthcoming at The Game Awards 2019? And, most importantly of all, will they be any good?

In our regular "On The Record" segment we talk Fortnite records – including an update on the "Most requested Fortnite skin", as we tell the story of the how the Tender Defender (aka the Chicken Trooper) went from being an Fortnite fan’s sketch to being a downloadable skin in the game's Item Shop.

And, as ever, we close out the show with our "Boss Fight" games quiz, this time based on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as we start to get overly excited for Nintendo’s brand-new brawler.

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