Evan Ungar from Canada attempting the highest standing jump on one leg

Evan Ungar from Mississauga, in Ontario, Canada, is a man who loves to jump to new heights. Now his enthusiasm for jumping has landed him a place in Guinness World Records 2019.

On 13 May 2016, Evan attempted the Guinness World Records title for the Highest standing jump (male).

To break this he needed to beat 1.52 m (5 ft), something he managed with ease by jumping onto the platform in front of him before going even higher with a leap of 1.616 m (5 ft in).

Quite obviously a man who enjoys challenging himself and testing the limits of his physical abilities, Evan, a 5-ft-10.5-in personal trainer was already thinking about his next test (The 25 year old has admitted that his prime incentive was having his name in the Guinness World Records).

A year to the day later Evan would be going for his next standing jump title, but this time he would be going for the Highest standing jump (one leg).

Highest standing jump on one leg before

Through time spent practicing he knew he could exceed his personal best which stood at 39 in. Once clearing this, the height rose to 41.51.

Highest standing jump on one leg mid-jump

Disaster would strike Evan at this point: his first attempt at 53 inches, saw him splitting the shin of right leg which he was jumping off. This would later require five stitches, but our determined record setter soldiered on apparently unfazed where most people would panic.

Highest standing jump on one leg landing

Despite switching legs he still managed to hop up to a record-breaking height of 1.346 m (4 ft 4.99 in).

Highest standing jump on one leg celebrating

Evan is contemplating other marks to break. "I'm just going to continue to maximize my power potential until my body can’t do it anymore," he said, before hinting that backwards jumping may be next on his list. 

There can be doubt then, that this record-breaker certainly has a spring in is step.

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