Video: Disabled "superhuman" smashes fastest 10 km scuba diving record

By Aya Ali
fastest 10 km scuba diving

Faisal Al Mosawi is a disabled diver and athlete who has proven that his physical limitations can’t stop him from breaking a Guinness World Records title.

The 33-year-old has managed to set a new record for the Fastest 10 km scuba diving in an inspirational 5 hours and 24 minutes in Hurghada on 22 August 2018.

Faisal was honoured in an event hosted by the Public Authority of the Disabled (PAD) that took place at the 360 Mall (Kuwait), with the attendance of PAD general director and many other big characters.

The previous record was achieved by an able-bodied athlete and Faisal revealed the effort required to take on the challenge.

"I trained for three months in the pools of the Scientific Club (Kuwait) and one month in the open sea," he said. "I used 26 small air cylinders during my record-breaking dive."


Being a Guinness World Records title holder has been a dream of Faisal’s for the past 13 years after he became disabled in a car accident.

"I achieved the fastest dive for 10 km. I broke the previous record although I have a disability. Today I believe that the disabled can challenge people without disabilities. The care of HH the Amir for the disabled is encouraging us and we all can have achievements; we all can succeed."


The record was verified by a Guinness World Records official adjudicator Ahmad Gabr who added: "We all feel proud of this achievement of breaking the previous record of a normal diver by almost an hour. I consider Faisal as superhuman."

Sheikha Sheikha Al-Abdullah Al-Khalifa Al-Sabah, President of the Kuwait Club for the Disabled, emphasized the importance of the event for the disable community.

"We all know that the Guinness World Records includes rare achievements. Al-Mosawi is a real hero who achieved an international record although being disabled, which is rare."