Skipping extraordinaire breaks own tricks record on Guinness World Records Day

By Masakazu Senda

Japanese professional rope skipper Hijiki Ikuyama has broken one of his own records for Guinness World Records Day (GWR Day) 2018.

Hijiki, who holds multiple rope skipping records including Most skips over a rope in 24 hours, upped his own record for the Most mamba tricks performed while skipping forwards in 30 seconds from 22 (which he achieved in April 2017) to 24.

The attempt was held at an elementary school, where he taught skipping skills to students throughout the day. Hijiki had decided to try and break two of his own record titles in front of the students to inspire them.

The 36-year-old also re-attempted his 2015 record for the Most double under crossovers while skipping backwards in 30 seconds. Needing to beat 66, he unfortunately fell short with a total of 52.


However, helped on by passionate cheers from students (some of whom had banners with his name on), he did beat his mamba tricks record from 2017, completing the trick 24 times.


Speaking to Guinness World Records in the build-up to GWR Day, Hijiki talked about his exhausting 24-hour record attempt in which he skipped more than 150,000 times.

"It was so tough I had to take 10-minute breaks every 20 minutes," he recalled.

"Sometimes my muscles wouldn’t listen to what I’ve told them to do – this sensation I’ve never experienced before. At the very end, all I heard was people cheering for me. Although I was the one doing the skips, we did the attempt together."