Feature anime film Hug! Pretty Cure, Futari wa Pretty Cure the Movie has been awarded the Guinness World Records title for Most magical warriors in an anime film with 55 characters mesmerising its audience.

The film, which was released to mark the 15th anniversary of the Pretty Cure series which has a huge following of people of all ages in Japan. The official certificate was awarded at the film's launch event held in Shinjuku WALD 9 cinema complex, where members of the film's cast were present.


In order to meet the guidelines, each of the 55 characters had to speak and fight using magical powers in the film.

Guinness World Records has spoken to Yu Kaminoki, the movie's producer, to find out about the history of the anime series, and the reasons why the production team had taken on an official attempt.

2004: the genesis

Guinness World Records: To start with, what is Pretty Cure?

Yu Kaminoki: In short, it's a story about girls who one day transforms into Pretty Cures thanks to mysterious power, then each of them fights using their own unique power. One of the main highlights of the series is action, as Pretty Cures fight hard.


Guinness World Records: When and how did it begin?

Yu Kaminoki: The Pretty Cure series began in 2004, starting with the title "Futari wa Pretty Cure". When that title began, no one was really thinking about a sequel; all the staff were focused on making it as entertaining as possible.

Guinness World Records: Why did you apply for the title of most magical warriors?

Yu Kaminoki: That's because Pretty Cures are not just a magical girl, they fight. The producer of the first series (Takashi Washio) had the concept "even girls want to be outrageous". The idea was to create something different from a "magical girl" anime that was a norm at the time.


Since the start of the series, the staff wanted to break the status quo for anime featuring heroines - instead of it simply being girls who use magic, Pretty Cures not only use magic but also use fists at times.

Different messages for the changing times

Guinness World Records: How has the series managed to run for 15 years?

Yu Kaminoki: Every year or so, the anime title change as well as characters. For instance, after "Futari wa Pretty Cure" we had "Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart" where additional Pretty Cures were introduced. Then in the following title "Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star" all the characters changed as well as the town that the story was based in.



Yu Kaminoki: Throughout these changes, the staff of each title always had the mindset that their work is the best. That is probably the reason why we were able to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Another factor is that we didn't want status quo in Pretty Cure either - instead of defining what Pretty Cure is about, the staff of each title used their own senses and delivered stories and characters that are suited for the audience of the day.

In recent titles, we wanted to embrace diversity a lot more than before. We wanted to show that there are a lot of views, and that coolness comes in all shapes and sizes; girls can be heroes, and boys have many choices as they grow up. In the TV series Hug! Pretty Cure and the movie Hug! Pretty Cure, Futari wa Pretty Cure the Movie, we feature a baby called Hugtan, and there are many scenes that portray mother and children.


The producer of the TV series (Keisuke Naito) said that he wanted to portray the strength of Pretty Cure through motherhood. So the main heroine doesn't punch an enemy to solve problems but hugs them instead. That is her strength.

Instead of simply saying "all that Pretty Cure needs are glitters and cuteness", we always strived for sending out the message. That effort had led us to pass the baton and got us the Guinness World Records title.

The record-breaking attempt

Guinness World Records: When did the team decide to attempt the Guinness World Records title, and why?

Yu Kaminoki: Firstly, there is a reason why we decided to do an anniversary film at its 15th year, not 20th. Five-year-old girls that watch Pretty Cure series become 20 when 15 years passes. We wanted those people who are reaching adulthood to recall the feelings they've experienced when they were watching the series during childhood. If we were able to do that, I thought we could give something back to them.

For that reason, it was important for us to not only feature all 55 Pretty Cures in the film but also give each and every one of them the chance to speak and do cool action.

We've had "all-stars" movie in the past where all Pretty Cures appear, but we had to stop at one point because there were simply too many characters. For the anniversary film, we did it again. However, realizing this is extremely challenging, and attempting a record title was a good way for us to show our audience that. Moreover, by attempting the record, we wanted to give sincere thanks to everyone who watched Pretty Cure at any point in their life.


Guinness World Records: How difficult was it to have 55 characters in the film?

Yu Kaminoki: The workload itself was challenging. There were three instances where I feared we wouldn't make it in time. It was also difficult to bring all the different flavours that each character has into a unified theme.

Guinness World Records: What are your favourite moments in the film?

Yu Kaminoki: I think the use of "miracle light" is something special. In Pretty Cure movies, the audience holds a special light that is distributed in theatres to cheer Pretty Cures on the screen. And for this movie, we wanted to use it in a way that only this film can. That was another way for us to say thanks to those who've watched Pretty Cure. Miracle light lights up when you put certain feelings about a person or character.


Many Pretty Cures appear on the screen for the "Miracle Light" scene. And because the audience cheer the character with their miracle lights, the 55 Pretty Cures look so strong and dependable. That scene gets me every time.


Becoming the record holder

Guinness World Records: How do you feel now that the film now has a Guinness World Records title?

Yu Kaminoki: I'm very excited. And I feel now more than ever that we've got this record not because we've cleared the guidelines by having them speak and fight. The reason why each character can have their part in the anniversary film is that viewers of the series supported us, and each one of us involved carried the torch for 15 years. I felt that all the support from our audience as well as all the hard work by everyone was paid off when an official adjudicator come to the stage and congratulating us with an official certificate.


As a staff of this series, when I see characters from each title fights in the film, I imagine all the producers, directors and cast behind them. Seeing their work over the last 15 years being delivered to children of today moves me intensely.

Guinness World Records: How should the Pretty Cure series continue from here on?

Yu Kaminoki: The previous team working on the series tells us "to create it as you please". The Pretty Cure series is still here because we didn't cling to the past and always looked forward. So I want to say to Pretty Cures that are not yet born to "enjoy to the fullest and take risks". And to grow together with the audience.


Guinness World Records: Finally, what would you say to those who have an interest in the series after receiving the world record?

Yu Kaminoki: Maybe for people who are outside of Japan might find something peculiar in the series. But because there are so many characters in the series, each with unique charm, I would be glad if they become a fan of any of the characters. We did our best to bring each of Pretty Cure's best; I hope new audiences will find that.

©2018 Hug! Pretty Cure the Movie Production Committee

The 55 Pretty Cures that appear in "Hug! Pretty Cure, Futari wa Pretty Cure the Movie"

Hug! Pretty Cure

  • Cure Yell/Hana Nono
  • Cure Ange/Saaya Yakushiji
  • Cure Macherie/Emiru Aisaki
  • Cure Etoile/Homare Kagayaki
  • Cure Amour/Riru Amour

KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode

  • Cure Whip/Ichika Usami
  • Cure Custard/Himari Arisugawa
  • Cure Gelato/Aoi Tategami
  • Cure Macaron/Yukari Kotozume
  • Cure Chocolat/Akira Kenjo
  • Cure Parfait/Ciel Kirahoshi

Maho Girls Pretty Cure!

  • Cure Miracle/Mirai Asahina
  • Cure Magical/Riko Izayoi
  • Cure Felice/Kotoha Hanami

Go! Princess Pretty Cure

  • Cure Flora/Haruka Haruno
  • Cure Mermaid/Minami Kaido
  • Cure Twinkle/Kirara Amanogawa
  • Cure Scarlet/Towa Akagi

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!

  • Cure Lovely/Megumi Aino
  • Cure Princess/Hime Shirayuki
  • Cure Honey/Yuko Omori
  • Cure Fortune/Iona Hikawa

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure

  • Cure Heart/Mana Aida
  • Cure Diamond/Rikka Hishikawa
  • Cure Rosetta/Alice Yotsuba
  • Cure Sword/Makoto Kenzaki
  • Cure Ace/Aguri Madoka

Smile Pretty Cure!

  • Cure Happy/Miyuki Hoshizora
  • Cure Sunny/Akane Hino
  • Cure Peace/Yayoi Kise
  • Cure March/Nao Midorikawa
  • Cure Beauty/Reika Aoki

Suite Pretty Cure♪

  • Cure Melody/Hibiki Hojo
  • Cure Rhythm/Kanade Minamino
  • Cure Beat/Eren Kurokawa
  • Cure Muse/Ako Shirabe

Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

  • Cure Blossom/Tsubomi Hanasaki
  • Cure Marine/Erika Kurumi
  • Cure Sunshine/Itsuki Myoudouin
  • Cure Passion/Setsuna Higashi

Fresh Pretty Cure!

  • Cure Peach/Love Momozono
  • Cure Berry/Miki Aono
  • Cure Pine/Inori Yamabuki
  • Cure Mint/Komachi Akimoto

Yes! Pretty Cure 5, Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

  • Cure Dream/Nozomi Yumehara
  • Cure Rouge/Rin Natsuki
  • Cure Lemonade/Urara Kasugano
  • Cure Mint/Komachi Akimoto
  • Cure Aqua/Karen Minazuki
  • Milky Rose/Kurumi Mimino

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

  • Cure Bloom/Saki Hyuga
  • Cure Egret/Mai Misho

Futari wa Pretty Cure, Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

  • Cure Black/Nagisa Misumi
  • Cure White/Honoka Yukishiro
  • Shiny Luminous/Hikari Kujo