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A teenage boy has beaten a record set by pool trick shot master Florian Kohler, at his very first attempt.

Theo Mihellis, 14, is celebrating his new record for the Highest jump pot of a billiardball after clearing a bar 40.958 cm (16.125 in) high, beating Florian’s record by more than 6 cm.


It’s not every day teens set world records, but the amateur pool shark was so passionate about his talent he felt he could break the current record leading up to the attempt.

"It was something I wanted. I kind of wanted to do some stuff with it and hope for the best,” Theo said.

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He only got his first pool table last year; a present for Christmas his parents thought he would enjoy.

Before they knew it, Theo was practicing several trick shots and putting in 4-5 hours a day of practice.

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"As soon as he got it, he'd be down there every evening and we would just hear balls racking off the rails and cheering. Just him having fun,” said Amy Mihellis, Theo’s mother.

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After mastering a number of pool tricks, he became more intrigued by the idea of applying for an official Guinness World Records title, and aimed to break one of Florian’s.

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Theo practiced by using a bar over the table which sat at the height of the record, aiming to get the ball over as much as possible.

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Ironically, the official attempt took place on 24 July at “Breakers” Pool Hall in Dormant, Pennsylvania, where friends and family came out to cheer him on.

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After a few weeks of waiting, it was confirmed that Theo practiced hard enough to take a well-known pool shark’s record.

Now, after only 10 months of practice up his sleeve, the middle school student says he's mastered 157 tricks and counting.

We’re confident there will be more records in his future based on his rapid success.

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Florian's other records are still safe though, for now, including the Longest usable pool cue at 5.37 m (17 ft 7.4 in), Most pool balls potted into the middle pocket over an obstacle in one minute (70) and Fastest time to jump pot 15 pool balls (US table) (6.78 seconds).