Most playable characters in a hack and slash videogame

Ever wanted to be a Chinese warrior general, or wield the blade of a Japanese samurai, or scheme as the Norse trickster Loki, or become the mighty thunder god Zeus?

All are possible in Warriors Orochi 4 which has the Most playable characters in a hack-and-slash videogame.

Developed by Omega Force and published by KOEI TECMO GAMES as a crossover between their incredibly popular Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors videogames, Warriors Orochi 4 has a roster of 170 playable characters.

Most playable characters in a hack and slash videogame 2

This latest instalment in the Warriors Orochi series sees the gods of ancient history step onto the battlefield.

Father of the gods, Zeus transports the warriors from The Three Kingdoms era of China (Dynasty Warriors) and the Warring States era of Japan (Samurai Warriors), to the dimensional world once created by the serpent king ‘Orochi’ and sparks a new conflict of epic proportions.

As a hack and slash videogame, Warriors Orochi 4 emphasises over-the-top, weapon-based melee combat from a 3D, 3rd person perspective and allows the player fight entire armies of enemy soldiers at once.

Most playable characters in a hack and slash videogame 3

This may sound daunting, but with 170 different characters that can all brandish things like giant swords or use magic to throw meteorite sized balls of lightening, it's easily possible for a player to stand alone against a massive enemy force and rack up hit combos that stretch into the thousands.

KOEI TECMO GAMES also have two other records for its ‘Warriors’ series. These are; Best-selling multi-platform hack-and-slash videogame series, with 20.49 million units sold worldwide as of 7 July 2017, and Most prolific hack and slash videogame series, with 33 games total after the release of Dynasty Warriors 9 on 8 February 2018.

Most playable characters in a hack and slash videogame 4

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