When life gives you lemons… forget lemonade – generate home-made electricity instead! All it takes to illuminate an LED is some citrus fruit, a couple of coins, nails and some wires.

This kid-friendly experiment is just one of many featured on the pages of Guinness World Records’ brand-new Science & Stuff book.

The equipment needed for the experiment

As always, there’s a record-breaking element to the challenges – can you achieve the Fastest time to light an LED with a fruit battery?

Our favourite wacky scientists, Professor Orbax and Lab Assistant Klopek, explain how to make the circuit in the video below, but the full instructions and some useful tips can be found on our website or in the Science & Stuff book.

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Orbax and Pepper experiment photo

Science & Stuff is out now in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If you’re in the UK, hold tight, the book will hit stores in March!

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