Wendy Ida is a fitness trainer from California, USA, and she holds a Guinness World Records title that is likely to surprise you…

At 65 years old, she is the Oldest active fitness instructor (multiple disciplines)!

Wendy first set this record at the age of 60, when Guinness World Records verified that she was a certified master trainer, Pilates instructor and boot camp leader – not to mention a nutritionist and motivational speaker on the side.

She was also a former bodybuilding champion and the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the LA Avengers football team in the past, so she has had an incredibly long and successful career.

Guinness World Records attended her 65th birthday celebration in Los Angeles to catch up with the super-fit senior.

"Before I discovered exercise, my life was a shambles," Wendy admitted.

She spoke of how, years ago, she moved away from her hometown in the state of New Jersey because of an abusive relationship.

Wendy (left) with her daughter

She started a new life in California where she met someone who introduced her to exercise.

"It changed my whole outlook on everything," explained Wendy, who went from 200 lb to 120 lbs.

Talking about her Guinness World Records title, she said: "It means a lot to me because I’m grateful to be a mentor to other women and it fills my soul to change their lives […] because I can see myself in them."

Wendy also holds the title for Most burpees in one minute (female) – beating any younger rivals to an incredible 37 reps.

Wendy is an inspiration to all and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the incredibly active 65-year-old.

Oldest fitness instructor