Steve Jeffs has broken the record for the Fastest hole of golf, individual and the reaction of his family is priceless!

The 31-year-old PE teacher from the UK completed a 500-yard par-five hole in just 1 min 50.6 sec. Watch the lightning quick attempt in the video below.

The attempt took place at Tiverton Golf Club, Devon, where a specialist witness was in attendance to ensure the rules of golf were followed and that all strokes were legal.

For this record, the timing begins from the moment the first stroke connects with the ball and ends with the ball sinking into the hole.

The challenger is permitted to use a golf cart to travel to the ball once he has made a shot, but Steve decided to run instead – a factor that makes this attempt look even more exhausting and impressive.

Steve is a long-time ambassador for speed golf and took on this Guinness World Records title to promote the importance of fitness to his students and two daughters.

The previous record stood at 1 min 52 sec and was achieved by fellow Brit, Phil Naylor, on the 1st hole of the Devlin course at St Andrews Bay Golf Resort and Spa in Scotland back in 2005.

We also recently saw the Fastest hole of golf by a team of four title broken by Ian Poulter and three other professional English golfers who managed a time of 32.70 seconds.