Twin Galaxies is Guinness World Records’ trusted adviser on videogame high scores and as such we rely on it to monitor high score gaming records and handle any and all disputes that occur within its community.

The Guinness World Records title for the Longest-standing videogame record was verified by Twin Galaxies based on information provided by the game developer, Dragster (Activision).

However, after an exhaustive investigation from Twin Galaxies, it has decided to remove all of Mr Rogers’ records from its system and ban him from participating in its competitive leader boards. Mr Rogers has been informed by Twin Galaxies of its decision.

A full account of Twin Galaxies’ investigation and conclusion can be found at the bottom of the page HERE.

Consequently, we have removed the Guinness World Records title for Longest-standing videogame record from our records database, along with any other records that Mr Rogers currently holds and we will continue to partner with Twin Galaxies for further video game record verification.