Completing multiple backflips one after the other is challenging enough, so imagine trying to do them while balancing on a teeter-totter (better known as a see-saw in other parts of the world)!

Maxim Laurin (Canada) and Ugo Dario (France) have just broken the record for the Most consecutive backflips on a teeter board (Korean Plank) - team of two.

While standing either end of the wobbly apparatus, the incredibly talented duo managed to complete a staggering 101 backflips – making sure one foot was on the board at all times and that there wasn’t more than a five second pause between each flip.

Most consecutive backflips on a teeter board Canada

“We are always looking for new challenges – we thought breaking a world record was a good one,” said Maxim, who has been working with Ugo for over nine years.

“Even though it was very hard physically, the scariest part was that the event was outside. The wind, sun and ambient sound were factors that would easily disturb us during the attempt.”

They also had a huge audience watching which added to the pressure.

The brilliant acrobats are members of Machine de Cirque, a not-for-profit organisation that puts on circus shows, and they trained for over a year to master the skills needed for this intense challenge.

The attempt took place in front of the city hall in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada and was organised in partnership with "Theatre Granada" and the local festival "Bouffe ton centro".

Most consecutive backflips on a teeter board