After a precise and lengthy counting process, Guinness World Records can now confirm that Patrick Sinner and his team of domino artists have toppled yet another record title.

The German domino experts that make up Sinners Domino Entertainment decided that setting up epic chain reactions on the ground was no longer challenging enough, so their latest record-breaking venture took place underwater, in a shallow tank.

Most dominoes toppled underwater by a team

They managed to arrange a phenomenal 11,466 individual dominoes in the tank, forming an image of a yellow, smiling sun in the centre.

The crew had to lie across benches in order to place the dominoes without setting off the chain reaction prematurely, which would have wasted days of hard work.

Having taken two weeks to set up the entire display, including this sub-aquatic centrepiece, the topple is over in merely minutes. But it nevertheless proves to be one of the team’s most spectacular, mesmerising feats yet.

Sinners Domino Entertainment successfully beat their previous record for the Most dominoes toppled underwater by a team by almost 1,000 dominoes.

The attempt took place at an event called “Dominoland – Reaching the Limit” in Kefenrod, Germany, on 15 October 2015.

The underwater topple was part of a much larger domino display, but only dominoes that fell underwater were included in the record total.

Sinners Domino Entertainment have broken a number of impressive records over the years, but their current titles include Most books toppled in a domino fashion, Most mini dominoes toppled, and Most dominoes stacked on a single piece.

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