Line of water inflatables in Canada leads to buoyant new record title

By Kristen Stephenson
Longest line of water inflatables 3

Thanks to the work and coordination of participants at the 2017 Welland Floatfest, Ontario Canada is now home to the record for Longest line of water inflatables.

For the title, volunteers worked together to connect themselves in a continuous line of vibrant personal floats displayed in many shapes and sizes to achieve a record-breaking measurement of 165.74 m (543 ft 7 in). 

Longest line of water inflatables

Fortunately, they managed to obtain the record despite windy weather conditions.

Longest line of water inflatables 4

An official adjudicator was present to make sure that all guidelines were properly followed, ensuring no gaps were in between inflatables.

The attempt was initially an idea by organisers to bring awareness to the Welland Floatfest, the only festival in the Niagara area to allow families to come together and float recreationally. Longest line of water inflatables 5

Since family-fun festival had only begun last year and is still fairly new, the final results ended up being a media-hit success. Welland Floatfest was started by Canadian Phil Gladman last year who was inspired after seeing a similar community event in Finland. 

Following overwhelming support, Welland Floatfest quickly became a place for locals and tourists to enjoy the summer season. 

This year, the annual celebration was made possible thanks to the support of Canadian Tire Welland. 

Longest line of water inflatables 2

Now that Floatfest is an official Guinness World Records title holder - we’ll see how they top their achievement next year. 

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