Having successfully tackled a number of soccer records, football freestyler Leon Walraven has now turned his attention to basketball challenges.

In his latest attempt, the Dutch sports lover achieves the Most basketball bounces in one minute, with a mind-boggling total of 609.

That’s more than 10 bounces a second!

The rules for this title state that a fully inflated FIBA approved basketball must be used, and only legal dribbling techniques are permitted.

Leon’s tactics involved using alternate hands.

Think you’ve got a faster technique? Apply for the record here.

Leon Walraven

The 29-year-old attempted the record in his hometown of Raalte in the Netherlands, after spotting the challenge in one of the Guinness World Records books and deciding he could beat the current seven-year-old record.

Previously the total stood at 444 bounces and was achieved by Thaneswar Guragai of Nepal back in 2010.

Leon’s ball skills have led to a number of world record achievements, including Most touches of a football with the soles in one minute, Most football touches with the shoulders in one minute (male) and Most football touches with the shin in one minute. Watch videos

We can’t wait to see what he applies for next!