Multi-talented record breaker Dinesh Upadhyaya from Mumbai, India has just broken his own record for the Most billiard balls held in one hand, with an impressive new total of 10.

The rules for this challenge state that the billiard balls must be washed with soap and then dried, to make sure no sticky adhesive is used.

The balls must then be taken from a bowl with a spare hand, one at a time, and positioned in the palm of the other.

Then the balls must remain in the hand for a minimum of five seconds.

Dinesh fails his first attempt because some of the balls fall onto the table - but on his second try he successfully breaks the record.

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The dedicated record breaker holds Guinness World Records titles for an extraordinary range of skills, including: Most dice picked up and held in the hand in 30 seconds (78), Most grapes eaten in one minute (73) and Most lit candles in the mouth (22).