Welsh gym enthusiast Carlton Williams has returned to take back his Guinness World Records title for the Most push ups in one hour (male).

This record has proved to be one of the most hotly contested fitness records we monitor, with three challengers raising the bar since Carlton achieved a total of 2,220 back in 2015.

Arriving at the Body Club Fitness Centre, in his home town of Margaret River in Western Australia, he had a tough mark of 2,392 push ups to beat.

Most push ups in one hour Carlton

Not only did Carlton have to maintain the strength to spend 60 minutes doing the gruelling exercise, he also had to make sure his form was correct throughout.

The clock did not stop at any point during Carlton's attempt, and both his hands had to remain flat on the floor for the full 60 minutes.

Doing the push ups, he had to lower his body until a 90 degree angle was attained at the elbow, in order to add the rep to his tally and for it to be accepted by Guinness World Records.

“I did it to prove I’m the best,” said the 52-year-old construction worker.

With a grand total of 2,682 press ups, Carlton can certainly say he did what he came to do – at least until someone else comes along to challenge his impressive title!

Carlyon had enough stamina to do 2,682 press ups – do you have the stamina to watch the whole attempt?