A video of a gamer being terrified by his toddler daughter while playing the horror game Outlast 2 has become the Most watched video on Twitch – just four days after the event was originally live-streamed.

As of 31 July 2017, the clip “streamer daughter walks in on him while playing a scary game” by the UK’s “JurassicJunkie” had been viewed an epic 2,086,451 times on the video platform. 

Prior to the clip’s original broadcast on 21 July, “JurassicJunkie” only had around 100 followers on Twitch. Since his video went viral, that number now stands at over 4,000.

 “JurassicJunkie”, aka Tom Wheldon of Nottingham, England, had been playing the notoriously creepy Outlast 2 in his office with headphones when his 22-month-old daughter Jessica was asked to bring him a tasty beverage.

“I had no clue that she had entered the room and at the exact same moment she did, a crow flew out at me in the game and I jumped,” explained Tom. “While taking my eyes off the screen for a split second I noticed a small figure beside me and I screamed for my life only to find out it was my daughter bringing me a cool drink!”

News of Tom’s Guinness World Records title was met with heartfelt words of congratulations on Twitter.  

“Honestly mate, no body deserves it more for being a huge wuss on camera!” wrote user EVERYBITGAMING.

Tom and his daughter with their GWR certificate

Twitch is a popular video-streaming platform for gamers which launched in 2011. It now has many thousands of channels and is responsible for billions and billions of views around the world, and is especially pivotal in eSports. 

In 2016, a new function was introduced that enabled users to create clips from live broadcasts, as is the case with Tom’s now-iconic scream.

Tom himself admits that he’s in a sudden state of shock by his sudden world title.

“Even after the event happened I didn't expect anything much to come from it apart from I would share the footage with a few friends. When I was contacted by the Twitch staff and Guinness World Records it really set in that my video had become number one in the world."

“At this moment in time it still feels very strange to be able to say I have a Guinness World Records title!”